Nanjing Normal University

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 Nanjing Normal University is located in Nanjing, the ancient capital of six dynasties in history. It is a key university of Jiangsu Province and one of the 211 Project institutions. Its history can be traced back to Sanjiang Normal School established in 1902.The university provides programs in various areas such as liberal arts, history, philosophy, education, science, engineering, economics, law and public administration.

        International cooperation has always been an integral part of operation at 
Nanjing NormalUniversity. The university is among the first that were authorized to be open to the world. It is also the National Base for Teaching Chinese for Foreigners, and the first National Base for Teaching Chinese to Overseas Chinese. The University has 4 Training Bases including the UNESCO international Rural Education Research and TrainingCenter. It has established institutional links with more than 80 universities in about 20 countries and regions and accepts over 1,000 students from different counties every year.

       With a hundred-year history, 
Nanjing Normal University is one of the leading universities inChina, located downtown in Nanjing of culture accumulation. She owns her fame as "The Most Beautiful Campus in the East" by the graceful scenery and learning atmosphere.

Suiyuan campus, Nanjing Normal University

Xianlin campus, Nanjing Normal University

No.100 Building in Suiyuan campus